We are Backdivers who have surrendered to our fears, embraced the
flames, and have already started the lengthy questioning proccess.


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A Large, Quick Turn

In March I went with Alex to see Carcass in Cleveland. I think it was March. They were funnier and tighter than I expected. Mike Ammot took only a few solos.

I got a text from Nick that night, asking if I wanted to jam with them-- I'll never forget it!

Now it is July.

As a road is always strange and beautiful with it's repetitions, I'm driving to that same venue tonight-- this time to share the stage with Nick.



I took an opportunity to drink when it presented itself. Tried to see
Dead Weather and I wasn't on the guest list-- O golly gee! So I chose the always life-affirming DEADSEA instead. I drank and laughed to the point that supreme magic occurred, past anything I could have prepared for. For a moment, albeit concise, I forgot that I really was friends with Dash Snow-- a few hours previous I nearly convinced myself of the opposite.


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Tracking Madly Backwards

I posted on my Twitter page that I'm a guitar-take factory. I only have a few hours at night to crank it out so it's slow going. I'm tracking everything direct and monitoring via the Line 6 XTP-Pro, to reamp later. This is not the solo Pajo record anyone expects, cares about, or wants, as per usual!

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iPhone, Dimebag, Ottowa

Just watched the Dimevision DVD and had a good laugh at his fireworks wake-up call for guests. I have a corner hotel room here in Ottowa, so I have two windows overlooking the city. It's very beautiful, I wish I could share it. I need a damn iPhone so I can start posting photos again!


Roskilde 2009

Wolves In The Throne Room, Gojira, Neurosis and Amon Amarth played and I missed them all. I missed them all!



Went to the Herman Nisch exhibit in Vienna. It seemed very complicated and perverse. At 4am I took a walk along the river in Belfort, France, listening to Hate Forest very loud with my new headphones. Later that morning I drew several logos, each one getting successively closer to an unknown ideal. And then something dawned on me, and I broke into tears. A dream of the future.



I did my first tour in 1985, but it was a short one. Of all the time I've spent in Europe, this is my first time to Prague. The rain is heavy and unceasing. Sometimes they flirt and sometimes I do as well, but it's all for sport.