Good Times: My least favorite expression

This is a homeless woman with a 10 or 11 year old girl in Paris. They would sleep like that all day in the shadow of a garbage can.


Frostbite Me

A horizon devoid of oceans, inhabited only by snow plows. Literally, we are being escorted to nowhere in style.


NYC Blast

New York is frigid to the bone, we couldn't ensconce ourselves. But damn if we don't love it here.



Atmospheres are innocent tonight, we pretend to take no notice. Mechanisms deconstruct to failure. With circumspect ambition a watch becomes a flower, an iPod a sunrise. We don't become better people we only destroy less.


The Opening of an Anthill

Sleeping from 3-5 AM (and PM) is catching up with us. But things are starting to take shape, inaugurating with the first completed mix from Evila II.


Blessed Be Moonblood

I have a stewardess friend who swears that jet lag is a myth. But I'm only sleeping a few hours at a time, at the worst times. Meanwhile, the train rolls with or without me.



Listing like a maniac, slowly carving my way through towards the apex of freedom, the locus of despair.


Evila II

The basic tracks for the next Evila are complete, it took a long time for something so simple. The songs need arranging, lead guitar, vocals (lyrics), and then the mixing can begin-- my favorite part.

Bloated, Bland

Landed at LAX and raced through the mundane procedures. Waiting now to find out if the snow in Philly will cancel my flight home. We are easily confused with our celebs but we're fairly sure that's Johnny Knoxville next to us.

It's complete, we have become dull and only able to indite travel woes and alimentary needs. When we have an appetite again, our text will no longer be numb from emptiness.


Hexes And Vexes

We recognize the end of the year, everyone seems to have had a crummy one. But this is the torrential rain that eventually let's up. There are those that are vexed by their previous transgressions and those hexes are finally unveiled.

Welcome Mr. Interpol

Heart In Australia

I have nothing but respect for Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania. I wish I knew why the quality of the musicians, actors, directors, bands, coffee, etc is so high here. But I haven't slept much and my head hurts. I'll be in the air for 24 of the next 30 hours.


Winter's Summer

It's all about the climate, novels by famous misanthropes, and fastidiously shaved legs. Despite it all, despite that shit, the street seems to go on and on without any destination in sight.

Hep Monkeys

When I was in high school hipsters were called losers. Perhaps if I had been born later, I may have had things like girlfriends and sex!


Warning: Bursting With Rage

Public Enemy were on the same flight as us, Flava walking up and down the aisle looking Miles Davis-freaky and chatting with everyone. Very cool.

Meanwhile, Australia is more expensive than ever, compared to when I was here a decade ago. These past few years of traveling have confirmed the Yankee dollar is utter shit. I'm spending a fortune just surviving.

In addition, Australia is nearly a decade behind in terms of technology with a 120mb data limit on Internet access for 24 hours ($30-40) and free wireless is unheard of. Internet cafes don't even offer wireless. I've been walking around for 3 hours and still no hope of sending or receiving email or updating this page. The floppy disc is alive and well and living in Sydney. Very uncool.


The Venerated Charles Manson Swimming Shorts

We cut to Eagle Bay ("The Best Beach In The World") about an hour from Bussleton, Australia. Stopped at a brewery for a bottle of Cabernet. Inside the swelter I was immediately dark and sand-dipped. My luggage still anonymous in LAX terminals, I was making due with the Charles Manson swimming trunks I bought at a horror convention in New Jersey several years ago (pictured above, complete with X in forehead and signature). Then the 3 hour drive to Perth where I finally managed to pin down a decent night of sleep.



The song I didn't realize we were playing until I started playing it! Saw this in the toilet afterwards.