We are protecting our equipment from the various bodily fluids we are anticipating tonight. It's amazing how many people can hate you even though you haven't done anything!


Seven Days

Seven days of the cleansing fast and I feel great despite the funny sounds my belly is making. We sat around getting pissed off about bad reviews before realizing that the haters make us viable.



Bought an old piano for $50 from a biker family out in the sticks. Moved it 45 miles before letting it rest in my living room. Had it tuned and set properly. I'll sand down the keys another time. I hereby name her... Lucille!


Chariot shoot

They started working on this at 4pm and we left at 3am. I arrived at 11pm, like an asshole. Couldn't partake in the drinking happiness because I'm three days into a cleansing fast. Somehow, an amazing video was shot with absolutely no budget!



While making making a stage plot and input list for the tour I thought I should test the fog machines for this weekend's video shoot. Immediately set off the smoke alarm and the cat ran for cover.


Mr. Richbags

Who holds the key? I do. That's right, I do. (Big Black quote)