Merrily, merrily

Battling complacency, I knew I wasn't going to miss the songs anytime soon. In an effort to extricate myself from deception, I made a hasty motion towards the door.


Dead Child

We've been trying to develop artwork and musical ideas. A whirlwind photo session generated a couple good snaps- one of which I promptly sent to David Yow. He disfigured our features and sent it back to me. I can't even think about it without laughing out loud!

Then we learned a new song, fisting our way through it suspiciously. Already we are alienating ourseves from every other band.


Again, I mention "Paradise"

He made a list of all the activites he's done in direct sunlight on the back of a detailed pen and ink he'd done as a teenager, under the influence of hallucinogens.


Nothing to see

What should be clear is getting lost in dialect. There was a time when he was my best man. Now he's just a stubborn asshole reaching for my wallet.



Touring is an ill-fitting suit.

Looking up

Can't complain about the way things are. Triple-stoked about the upcoming Dead Child CD on Touch & Go / Quarterstick Records. Everyday I go a little further into myself.



Odds seem to repeat the same message. "You could have been a millionaire but you didn't like the consciousness- Wisely, you got the fuck out." No matter how broke I am I'll never regret that decision.