My Second New Years Eve In Tasmania

We startled her, on our least favorite annual fete, with an extremely libidinous "hogmanay".


Okay Summer Now

So all the travel changes are putting me into Brisbane on Wednesday morning -- hopefully that means I can get some drinks with the almighty Portal!


Could You Tell How Hard It Was Onstage?

Left home, waited in lines for nine hours, went back home. All in a day's work!

Blue Green Snow

Post-Xmas cab drivers have the tiny privilege of sharing that empty, numb moment transients ordinarily feel in solitude.


Happy Holidays, Church Arsonists!

Time to initiate the vegan Xmas roast. Let's burn the stuffing, hey ho!


A Thankful Corpse

Somehow the moon always manages to ferret me out of the darkness. I fall asleep like a bonfire going out, kicking to the last ember.

Caliginous Mind

How does one choose between two regrets? The less-regrettable yet stressful-to-most-all decision? Should stress even be a consideration? Someone tell me, please.


An Unprepossessing Entrance

All good things gotta come to an end.

Neglect And Warfare

Guts flow when bodies are cracked open. Suffer the ruling of lead, or take your mind off it. Only those who have dipped into true beauty (not 2D) can understand the slicing pain of removal. The war is on (still).


Evila M

A travel guitar, a tiny midi controller and a computer-- all I used to make this record. Drums were played on my lap (replaced with samples). All tracking done in hotel rooms while on tour. Still arranging this masterful nut-job


Face Fuck Book.

It shouldn't be a big deal to shut down your Facebook page-- it's fun for a while and then you move on. If you don't need it to 1) promote your band, 2) reconnect with old friends, and/or 3) get laid, then what's the point? My free-love, befriend-everyone style become more of a burden after a while. Same thing happened with Myspace.

My friends have my email and telephone number, that's good enough for me.


Prophet (early 80s)

This promo pic must be from 1983. I know I left in mid '84 and I had big Tina Turner hair by then. Note the dog collar as bracelet accessory.