This, and Halloween, are the only two holidays I really care about anymore. I should honor my birthday but I don't. The YYYs threw together a little shindig when we were in Switzerland and it was possibly the best birthday I ever had. Yeah, this year I'm gonna try and celebrate that I'm not dead.

I'm on the guest lists for both Krallice and Pinback tonight-- I never go out but oh boy when I do yuk yuk! I'm curious to see the support bands for Krallice. Pinback are always good.

I think I'm going to get a flattop before I go to the Philippines in a few weeks. Last time I had one was 1989. My first time in NYC. Slint played at the Pyramid Club. Thompkins Square Park across the street was a hobo shanty town. I walked with amazement through the park with Todd Brashear. I stuck my head under a water fountain, feigned a stuttering limp, and shouted gibberish as loud as I could. It was liberating to be as weird as I wanted and fit right in! I loved New York straightaway!


Sleep Rejoice

We practice indulgence and join forces with the only organization we agree with, knowing full well it's a con as much as any other. As much as our days are treasured, our sleep rejoicing, even this freedom must come to an end. We must extricate ourselves by embracing the Hell in which we abide.


Lex Talionis

We didn't believe the predictions and now our cheeks are rosy. There's only 18 hours left to decide wether we renew the lease or not. The dreaded Ides of April is coming up and iCal ain't my companion. Warm conviviality is reserved only for respectful guests. Time is a luxury you purchase.


Curtains Come Close

Great odium propels me. It's a dangerous and inevitable time when your loved ones diminish in number. I summon the dark, I thrive in the emptiness.