Night After Glorious Night

Building tension, ignoring fools on the periphery, anticipating electric fireworks that decorate the night sky, night after glorious night.


Hymne IV

Looking for a window of time to crawl through so I can brush my teeth. Cancelled 'child' practice so I could work on ambient cricket sounds recorded at the Spiderland quarry. Once again my internet is down but the cable guy is so cool I don't care. Tour starts soon, I'm ready.


Be Where You Are

It's important not to go mileage crazy and obsess on arriving. I saw it in my mind -- be where you are. At the corner of conflict, in the field with the apes, on the point of breaking, whatevs. Don't blow it, be present.


Calamity Jane

Pictured is the result of trying to make up for other people's errors. Note to self: Next time don't bother.



Swam towards the shadow in the water, eventually to the light. Swim parallel to the shore when caught in a rip-tide.


Flesh and Grit

We can't stop fighting, although neither of us are trying too hard.


Emerald Holiday

Walked a mile in the 8am heat, against traffic. Felt human again after two double cafe cubanos. Had an airbrushed shirt made with Pajo Does Destin on it. Swim in the slimey algae, rinse and repeat. Napped and read Book Two of The Walking Dead. I know how to cook in the sun, friends.


Forest Sea

First day of a much needed vacation in Florida. Spent the evening thirteen stories up, watching the moon on the ocean and putting together a Black Metal comp.


The Bridge

According to the documentary, more people have chosen to end their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge than anywhere else in the world.



1. Songwriting drive across the country.
2. Two records on two labels in 2009.


Just got my fourth Birman kitten the other day. The first one, with the clever moniker "Birmy", I got back in 1998 and has passed away. The second, "Bandit", I got in 2003 and currently lives with my brother and his family. The third, affectionately named after the Iron Maiden mascot, I got last year and is pictured above. Just picked up Eddie's little brother this week and I'll post pictures soon. Birman breeders name kittens based on the year - 2008 is the letter F. So get ready for Lil Frankie, named after the awesome Manhattan restaurant and lead character in the song 'Franky Teardrop'.