Dismembership at the Ghoul's Club

Anticipating a blood-fest this Halloween, with devils and splatter movie gore all over my front porch. If I can't clean it up with a hose, I aint doing it. It will be more trick than treat this year.


How do you figure

I walk when I can't stand being indoors any longer, when the sun and cold breeze in the window gets too enticing, up against the stale temperature controlled air and manufactured bliss. I walk when I can't handle not walking anymore. It doesn't matter what time of day or night or what the weather's like. So how is it then that I keep running into the same person, in both work and civilian clothes? We recognize each other but have never talked or exchanged names. Why are these people in our lives?


Recording 1968 drums

The room was incredibly small, the kick drum is 18" (to give you a sense of scale). I used what's known as the Recorderman Overhead Technique, with Shiny Box ribbon mics. A combination of awesome pre-amps, decent mics, outboard compression, equalizers and transient enhancers I was able to overcome the 'small room / shitty acoustics' limitations and get an acceptable drum sound.


Fool in the rain

Standing here with the honk honk of ducks and pickups. A huge roladex and not one to call. My absence has alienated me from other dwellers of this minute pebble in the universe.


Parched and pokered

Strapping on our strap-ons, lady luck joined us for a wicked lay on the grass of good fortune. We cried into the stars, verily.


I sat in Walgreens parking lot

And saw King Kong battling airplanes in the oil stains. Hair-clouded women struggling to get out of passenger seats. Ragged American flag ribbons wagging on the trailer home, obviously year-round and not in honor of September 11.


The plane of bliss

What is it that you have spawned upon this plane of bliss? The progeny of remarkable fountains, the empty socket that waits, purring with electricity.

Kicked by a dog

The light was in that state of static alertness, when everyone is home from working and fueling up for Friday night. The streets are lazy and for a few seconds, the muted conversations pause, dogs in the distance stop distorting, and the rubber treads stop paving. For a few seconds, there is silence.