You Tell Me

Another shining example of my favorite phenomena: the mystery photo. They appear on your phone and you have no idea about the time, place, or subject.


Maiden rules okay

A monster of a show. And well-crafted songs to boot. Reminds me, we ain't professionals.


From 'Attack' To 'Retreat'

Priorities put everything in perspective and I am determined to create an efficient, productive beast.


Hollow Thunder

The power went out twice last night. Thunder sounds much wider out here. Hollow and cavernous. In the city and burbs it's a deep rumble. But when sound has nothing to reflect against it just travels. Like footsteps it begins far off in the distance, thudding forward slowly. Cue the strobes. Until it drops like canyon-empty oil drums on your rooftop.


Maybe so, maybe no

Maybe I could try to be a little more caring, less indulgent. Maybe I can try a little harder, forgive my enemies.




We are not as the children of men: we are as formless as water, or air, or fire is formless. But it is given to each of us to take on the form that is most like to our own greed.


Slapstick Morn

Pollen fluff raining slo-mo in the morning light. We laughed at my pratfalls, spitting out oatmeal. You gave long hugs despite the rank skank of uncleanliness.

An unrelated photo of a dust hog discovered on tour, pictured above.


Thunder and negligence

We associate three things with the power of Tequila: guitar, fiddle, and that one Suicide Girl.