Stupid Barbie

Judgements affect the direction of your glance, which deflects into every aspect of your present situation-- to me as well as that pathetic businessman, that jobless slacker, that stupid Barbie. Judgements, my own and theirs alike, making this abject alone-ness, this newspaper, this chair.


Went to see the slave

Came back with an iron spike, a vial from Hugh Hefner, and a club sandwich.


Soul and charisma

Saw a bumper sticker: Horn not working, watch for finger. Promptly raised mid-finger high and proud.


Flashlights, Tornados

I wish I could concentrate on music right now, but real-life situations are more pressing. I always enjoy being a little bit scared, but not like this.



Not fighting to be seen

Its strange how less you try to make yourself seen, the more visible you are.


Humid and phone calls

I have been a dick about answering the phone and returning calls- this always happens when I'm recording. A Swedish all-girl band, Audrey, is giving me $1300 for two songs. So I recorded four and I will give them the two best ones. The other two will probably end up on MySpace. I'm still recording the vocals and I'm being light-hearted about it- I'm not in ultra-perfectionist mode where every phrase must be exactly aligned with the other. This is about capturing a vibe as quickly as possible.

Its very humid out and the AC makes my knees ache. But all the studio equipment makes it so hot, I get restless legs.

I want to photograph empty chairs, they remind me of bodies for some reason.


Tubular shell-shocked

Practice blew out my ears so I'm straining to hear you talk. A delightful jaunt down Decade Street put me in touch with my old / younger self. I replaced the lid of the tobacco box with the skin of an accounting manager.


Non-physical forest clearing

I take photos with my camera and send it as a text message to this blog- its the only way I can do it these days. I feel like I'm tearing up an exotic country, dodging bullets just to send these shattered missives to loved ones and enemies alike. These smoke signals and coded bomb threats, designed to pleasantly interrupt daily life.


Hit the streets

Met up with Early Adam for a night at Surly Girl. Ending with Pacman and an amazing band from Greece, Socrates, recorded in 1971.


Stay up

Went to the fountain and watched the model train go through the village. Gave the girls a ride to work. Wishing I would have stuck around yesterday and talked to old friends. But was too upset.

Two flourescent yellow-green canaries, roadside. Dead Child songs keep flowing to me and I trap them. The postman makes a mistake and delivers someone else's copy of 'Outdoor Living' so I read about the best shotguns of 2006.

I wore black at the funeral

And wept like a babe. JWO, you stepped up to the plate with great courage. I'm so sorry.



H. Hughes at the peak of his aerodynamic glory could equal the buzz of my return.


A walk in the canyon

The long drives are starting to get to me, I'm getting that thousand yard stare. But there's no time for breaks / brakes.


Driving from LA to OH in a Mustang

I picked up the Pony in Orange County and started driving east. Today I was on I-40 for ten hours- through the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, and stopping to check out the 50,000 year old Meteor Crater. Photos of bison and video of sunset behind, pajamas and sleep ahead. Blessed with good fortune, I put the Pony Girl to sleep.