C + E = R

What does consciousness joined with energy create? After you've found the answer, will you always remember it? And what is the job of a musician but try to fill the emptiness of existence?


Gore-less Joy

The lessons, can we put them aside for a bit? It's time for gifts, for diaphanous mind-fuckery. The exams and the fire-- we've had enough, thanks. No more sirens unless it's to signify the celebration of a life finally in control.


Hat And Home With Viceroy

We've managed to successfully make this a private place to store our mechanics. The exterior is dated, as always. It is the boundless interior that makes it shine.


The Moon Doth Forget Thy Dreams

Abundance beyond is unmanageable for us, the poor. We are better suited to meagerness and skin tight hovels. With all of this extension, we have reached greater levels of overarching darkness.

Gradually, we break and snap. The thread that binds us together is not a rope.