Finally I'm that guy

I always wondered about the guy that always seemed to luck out. When he wanted something it would suddenly appear out of nowhere, free and legit. I always hated that guy, I was so envious. I always on the opposite end. The guy that expected something to be there only to find out it's completely gone.

Today, I'm happy to say, I'm that guy- the OTHER guy! \m/



I'm feverish and hungry. It's 2am and there's nothing to eat here but half a bag of potato chips. In New York this wouldn't be a problem but this aint New York! Think I'll just pass out.

EDIT: Managed to find some Jello pudding and a raw potato.


DC practice space

We've got about half the album halfway written. Sweating bullets!



- Fender baritone w/ EMG81
- Boss tuner
- MXR gate
- Krankenstein amp
- Marshall 4x12
- Genz Benz 2x12
- Genz Benz 2x12


As much as I hate being away from home it's been amazing to have the freedom to practice guitar again. As a teenager I didn't chase girls or party, I played guitar. Six hours a day of practice was a rip off-- nine hours was a good day. Man, I can't imagine having time like that now! Yesterday I practiced with a metronome for two hours and I already feel more confident in my shred-ability.


Spiritual poser

Somebody forwarded a link to me of a blog entry by an ex-bandmate (guess who). Needless to say I was underwhelmed by the bad poetry, Republican rhetoric, and bogus sensitivity. But what really struck me was what a spiritual poser he is-- I can't believe he's still working that vibe! He drops heavy, loaded words, like the "G" word, because its an easy way to appear soulful. Shallow people have to fake depth, dear readers.

I figured out the code to translate his writings-- replace the words "you" "fans" and "God" with three dollar signs: "$$$". Don't believe his verbal diarrhea-- greed and power are the only motivating emotions that guy has. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way...


Capital "d", capital "c"

Writing new jams with the Dead Child crew. Opening for Melt Banana at Headliners on October 29 (all ages, Louisville, KY). And possibly playing our own over-21 show at Uncle Pleasants (with the mighty Dead Sea, from Columbus, supporting). Then it's straight into the studio to record a full length with Brad Wood. Due to come out on Touch And Go / Quarterstick Records. We are behind the wheel, raring to go.

That's right-- raring.