2008 Final Destruction

Here is my hearth, my fire, my sheepskin, my Birman. Been jamming on the rough mixes and plotting 2008 final-destruction-of-all-things-lame. Yes, I am fat and loaded.

Now you've done it

Finished tracking- now you've unleash the fucking mixing! Voted out keyboards, backing vocals, and dense guitar layers for a more natural and badass approach.


Dahm singing

Got to watch Feist from the stage yesterday. She is supremely talented- and a Dead Child fan as well!

A part of me is bummed that this recording experience is over. But at my age you get used saying goodbye to phases of your life.



More guitar photos

We tune pretty low so setting up our guitars is a real art. Yesterday Theresa, the Slint guitar tech and repair genius at Guitar Emporium, came by the studio to solve intonation issues. Brad is blowing our minds with his ability to get great sounds quickly and hear exactly what needs to be fixed.


The Greater Reality Is Love

Bass bouncing off the walls, deep and present. I look back on the life we've worked so hard to shape and it's more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.



Between two possible outcomes, I have sworn allegiance to one.


Recording with Dead Child

Tony finished his drum tracks yesterday and they sound amazing. It took one day of set up and tones, two days of tracking. Brad Wood, our producer, and I have been having a good laugh- very often at "Bolly's" expense!


Saved/spent $100

I saved $100 by moving all these heavy boxes by myself. Filled a cargo van twice. Immediately spent $100 on gas for the van.