X Rays

Despite feeling light years better than I have in 7 months, and absorbing all the radiance from family, friends, unknowns, and new love, it's become clear to me that I am still vulnerable and raw regarding recent events. I'm sure it's to be expected- how often does pain dissolve overnight?

It's mostly due to "triggers" found commonly in popular culture. What I read and watch. Triggers is an apt term that I really like- an accurate way to describe how it feels after the trigger is pulled, and who or what is doing the pulling.

The biggest hurdle is trying to overcome the absolute viciousness and zero concern for my healing my displayed by my ex since immediately after the incident and continuing to this very moment. I shouldn't be so surprised, but I am.

I'm happy to cut people like that out of my life, definitively, but I still long to develop a healthy co-parenting relationship. And to forgive her, for the past and for now. But who can deny the pain of sharing a decade with someone I was deeply in love with, who birthed our two beautiful children, only to have it all end like a helicopter crash. Like a scab that someone keeps scratching off.

But instead of saying, "Dude, what the fuck are you doing? That was healing!" which would be entirely appropriate, I have to keep my mouth shut for legal reasons and just hope that they will realize on their own how their actions affect others.

But narcissistic sociopaths don't follow predictable trains of thought like that. That is their own curse and their's alone. I realize now it's not something to fight against but to sympathize with. I have my own curses and the people that truly love me help me through them.

It's impossible for me to completely reject the mother of my kids, so I keep her name on my arm. As a past life reminder. That time is 100% over and will never repeat itself, but it existed.

The trick is to not dwell too long on such things and be effective in the moment. Jump one obstacle at a time. Hold onto the hands extended to you. They will help you over.

From the ashes, like an eerie silent battlefield,


[EDIT: Never mind, I decided to get her name removed from my arm. I need that spot for my third kid!]