This is a bathtub of Slint shirts

That thick black goo is water. My basement flooded again, taking its toll on my equipment, guitars, and merchandise. I'm trying to save these Slint shirts that sat in sewage water. If they weren't one of a kind, they would have gone straight into a rubbish bin. As it stands, I've got my work cut out for me. Loading up my car with wet garbage and looking for a skip to unload. All day long, until my back can't take it anymore. Eventually to sell. I put on my work clothes, my dust mask, my truckers cap, my hood up. Turn on the bootlegs and set about the task ahead. O joyous day when I can run the pressure washer on the walls and floor.


Clearing the mud from the music

I've been throwing out precious mementos like it's nobody's business! I recommend this deletion of history to all.


Learning to fail

I mean what I say but sometimes I say it too mean. If I could unwind this early morning, I would have spent more time biting my tongue instead of wagging it.


Period of ascent

I relinquished my place in the game and waived all authority to whoever cares about that shit. I chose a version of desire I can touch, or at least a simulacrum of reality thereof.



someone said something in passing that I will never forget. he said, "things that are perfect don't fit in as well with other things in the world, in life."



I look for the electric lights that read: JUST DID IT. I have a good friend that named their dog Kamir. As in, "Come 'ere, Kamir!" If I'm one big tangent its because I haven't been sleeping much or well. But my dreams have never been more vivid. I'm in this chronic half-dreaming state, no end in sight. Rest assured my words are under the influence of natural truth serums.


Rest And Destroy

Stop. Catch your breath. Pause. Now, survive. Reset your temperment. When you are stabilized and rested you can push on to destroy.


Sayeth The Beast

Halloween is still too far away. I'm getting the props together to make a satanic slaughterhouse, ala dead alive, of my front porch. Surely it may be too violent for the kiddies, but hey- trick or fucking treat.


Mystical Faggotry

Suffered a hard drive crash that left me an amputee-- all those photos, artwork, and music gone gone gone. Lesson learned- backup weekly, foo!