Destination Orange County

Via Las Vegas.

After watching the 'Lost' pilot for the first time, my fear of flying only continues to increase.


I watch people shop

The people that linger in front of the pastries the longest are the ones that most need to lose weight.



The arduous task of writing a song, drawing a cartoon, and checking myspace messages simultaneously.


Why I quit smoking

There are many good reasons to quit, but I got sick of the panic I would feel when I would start to run out of cigs. It just didn't make sense: I'm getting stressed out over poison? So I kicked the fear at the source.


Waiting on the shadow of a pretty girl

We don't ask for much these days, just any little moment you can spare. Send a single thought our direction, whatever it is. We're so hungry, we're starving, for a specific friendship.


My finished rig

Believe me, it's plenty loud, plenty tight, plenty deep. I've been looking for a natural, distorted sound that is highly controlled and tight in the low end (I'm talking about amplifiers). This is the bomb! I finally got the sound I've been looking for. With enough wattage to power two full stacks...


Mogwai / Pajo / Torche

Torche were thunderous without irony- I bought a record and a shirt. Then I walked onstage to perform my sappy love songs, trying to ignore the couple talking in front of me. Mogwai were in fantastic shape, bigger and better than ever, tearing the roof off. Phenomenal.


Hang onto yr haunts

The cop had an affair with a Ukranian Dunkin' Donuts employee. I saw it going down and laughed my ass off. Then I met with my publicist and found new ways to throw money back and forth. Had a dream about ex-friends and how uninteresting they have become. Or maybe they always were and time has delivered the vital perspective.


New York in the dark

Southwest lost my luggage, delivering it at 3am. Drunken run-ins with old and new pals, we remain unlimited. Tomorrow, Mogwai... Then Saturday I open for them at Webster Hall even though it's not listed (last minute show).

Please go, friend and foe.


The devil came down division

Jacked up with raw food in a creative, ugly womb, we assembled the pieces into some kind of geek girl fantasy.


Its tricky, when you swear to grow old with someone, when they move on. You trusted them with your dark side and your dark side pushed them away. Vows aren't made lightly, its difficult to adjust to the new parameters.


NYC: Pajo supporting Mogwai

NYC: Pajo supporting Mogwai at Webster Hall on May 13th

Hand soap

Kentucky is more dignified than most places I've resided- but still my tolerance threshold is so low these days I can't bear the thought of staying.


The greatest thing I ever found

Someone asked me today, Derby Day, what the greatest thing I ever found was. I thought about it. Pride, I answered.

Later I changed my answer: sunglasses


Tonight I drive to Louisville for the KY Derby. Monday it's off to Chicago to layout the artwork for the next record (and my last cigarette). Wednesday I go to New York to meet with my publicist and play a show with Mogwai. Gol-dang you'd think I was some kind of jet setter with all this bouncing around. Truth is, I'm a domesticated hermit.


Willpower my ass!

The sun woke up this morning and I was there. All rose and white light, I gave it my blessings. But in the back of my mind I couldn't wait for it to go back down, to leave me alone with my enchantress.