Twitter Dis

Instead of sleeping I decided to go on Twitter.

Please add me:


I'll still blog roll this site, but one-liners will go on Twitter-dee.



How Times Do Quickly Go

Crazy-o. I am washed out from lack of caffeine, and as ready as I'll ever be to play these songs. Too nervous to admit, we do what we do to make it through. Anxiety begone!


Still rolling with the culture shock of being in LA. After driving for 35 hours I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the strong personalities. Had a late dinner with Tom Petty's daughter last night.


Steering Wheel Man

I arrived at the Landmine Marathon / Vital Remains show just in time to miss them-- so bummed. But I was beat and got to get in a small bit of hang time. Graciously (pun intended) given a cozy room to catch up on sleep. I'm a driving monster. This is my farewell ride to The Pony so I'm opening it up at every stretch of road I can.


Missives From The Space Shuttle

Been driving 10-11 hours a day-- Currently in Amarillo TX-- Still sniffling and congested, can't seem to kick this cold before the show-- Black Metal, exclusively-- Practicing desperately in hotel rooms before the cleaning lady kicks me out--


California Healing

I don't know what's wrong with me. Sick again. I used to get feverish once every five or six years, tops. I feel like I've spent all winter sneezing and taking ibuprofen.

Ah, old age.

I may have finished recording all the drums for the album this morning. What a task it's been! I'll be tidying up and repairing the tracks for the next few days but I'm still hesitant to believe that I can pack up the mics and tear down the drums.

I leave for LA soon to play some solo shows that I haven't even thought about yet. Haven't found the space in my mind to even contemplate playing solo.

I'll finally share the name and concept behind the record I'm currently working on in the next week or so. Just waiting to confirm a few details.


Kill Kill

I know what I want it to sound like, I'm just too damn stubborn to let anyone help me. I know so many great drummers but I just can't fathom not doing it myself. So I write out these beats and practice the hell out of 'em. When it gets to a point, I hit record. And reCord. And REcord. Over and over, until I'm sure I've got something useable. All those sweaty hours, I've busted out the deodorant and the ice hasn't melted in two weeks.

Today I deleted all the drum tracks I have so far. Every fucking one of them. I was so bummed when I discovered that my overheads didn't get printed-- I need overheads-- that I didn't think twice about deleting, erasing, and erasing free space just to make sure they were gone for good.


Welcome to my weird world. I'm desperate to go out but I have too many tempo maps still to make. So I stay in with guitars and a monitor while the bands I want to see tear the roof off of some dive. I hung around with the wrong people and got lazy at one point in my life. Now I'm letting my OCD shine like hands scrubbed several times an hour.


Studio Blizzard

The snowstorm is within. Ribbon elements being stretched and frozen, compressors going belly up from frostbite, digital inputs frosting over. Everything is in such a mood.

Soldier on. While the pile of dead gear reaches higher and higher, invest in a bigger graveyard.