Big day for a little love

Rushing by in excitement, forgetting wallets in jeans for a brand new suit, we tore through the day, with a ray of light for all of us involved.


Scar stories

We riffed back and forth our war stories- getting beaten by jocks, rednecks, and bikers. Except when I'm with Morgan (who has more dumbass scars than anyone I know), I usually win the victim-story contest. Ain't nothing to be proud of I guess. One of those competitions where you lose out by being the winner.

I don't remember what I used to remember

Someone asked me the themes and concepts on the new record. I had to say that I wanted it to be very different from the last record- less sentimental, less lo-fi, less heartache. I still played all the instruments, but lyrically it was influenced by Hafiz, horror movies, and Gorguts. As a result, its another record that I'm not sure how people will take it.


In honor of beautiful women

If I weren't myself and I was reading this blog, I would start to wonder if I'd turned into an espresso-drinking yuppie that lives in suburbia. And maybe I am, maybe I always have been. Word, I'm not from the street and I never claimed to be. I have brilliant red cardinals in my garden. I've always made a cushion to fall on. Yet I've slept on more dirty floors than the average person, without complaint. If my life is pretty now its only because there's a pretty woman in it.


what lies ahead

so many awesome points to consider. I am already proud of the life I haven't yet lived.


A day's work

Today we talked about remixing the DC ep. I've been scanning in different logo ideas. And trying to sort out artwork for the next Pajo record- courtesy of the great web designer and artist who is Simon Descendo.


Tupelo, Mississippi

Does anyone have The Soundhouse Tapes? Can't seem to track a copy down.

Researching the best cabinets to go with my amp for Dead Child (a)live. Thinking a slant 4x12 with a flex 2x12 will give a good combination of wide spread plus volume.

Still setting up the house before I tackle the studio. Yet I still find time to buy records, my pastime, with a Nektar lp and the new Prince.


Been a while

Since I bought groceries, as evidenced.

Never bet the devil your head

There are other bands gearing up, but we are one small step ahead in progress and pulchritude. A giant leap of musicality and faith... hey ho, we're there folks!


Black in back

Always the birds do chirp for me. Sour mash flowing endlessly at the bars, I can only hope.


Blood red rain

The rain was so heavy I had to turn around. Now in a waiting room watching Rob Lowe get his hair washed.


Stay cool, ghoul

Working long hours in the studio. The songs starting to gel into one big machine. Dahm's vocals sounding more and more to me like Bruce Dickinson.

I can't wait for you to hear this.


Anxiety dream

I was playing the Dead Child mixes for Todd Brashear. After hitting play we were both stunned. It was so highly compressed and eq'ed that it made one gigantic wave of distortion. I had to apologize to him and reinforce that it really does sound great, we just fucked up the mix.

I know its a fear-dream, but it inspired me today to take out all the effects and just run it raw and naked, ala Spiderland.

Another day, another flood

Cigarettes are starting to get more and more nasty and the notion of quitting more appealing. I used to think clean air deprived me of a smoke, now it's the other way around.

Yesterday I bought the ultimate Dead Child amplifier. The perfect tone and volume without any effects or magic dust- just a deep, tight growl and roar. Doc Electro, an eccentric and endearing chap who does the best repairs in the KY/IN area.

It's a one of a kind amp which he is custom making for me (not the 'Blue Balls' amp he has on his site). I bought the very first one- he was so stoked he brought his wife out to meet me, took my photo for his website (www.docelectro.com), and free repairs for as long as he is alive! Belive it, I'm going to be hassling him on his deathbed.

The more I work on the Dead Child music the more I am convinced of our potential. Everyone is such great players/writers that anyone who wants their music lean and mean will be satiated.

Our singer, Dahm, tells these stories of a world filled with robots, zombies, and vampire whores. Michael writes songs that makes you want to fight and bounce off the walls. Tony is a monster, plays like he's trying to blow up the mics. And Todd is precise, taking it down into subsonic ranges. and I just fucking shred.


Tricks and hos

Bright blue idea! My eyes are shot from restless sleep but the songs are sounding bigger than life. Dead Child rules, ok?


Run neighbor run!

chillin' like bob dylan in louisville, hoping for some kind of mess to take charge and lead. There isn't much in this world that I can't lay out in front of my mind.

easter sunday and I'm talking to the neighbors, carrying heavy equipment at 7am, and trying my best to fight off the sleep monkeys.


I <3 KY

Driving to Louisville in a few hours. German Village / Schillers Park is beautiful but tonight Josephine Foster plays at Lisa's Oak St Lounge. And tomorrow I buy an amp, rehearse, etc.

If I had my way I would buy every little thing.


When I was 16

I quit school to go to berklee college of music- high school was interfering with my guitar practice. If I got in 6 hours it was a bad day, 9 hours was a good day. Then I failed out of Berklee because I wasn't interested in learning jazz. I was a young punk with a mohawk and my brother had just passed away- what else could I do but exactly what I want?

16 isn't too young to know your career path. Its when you're at your most bull-headed and idealistic. We do what we can.


How we roll

Got 10 million packages today- a suit from apc, a crushed butler cd, a wonder shozen dvd, king kong dvd, squigle toothpaste, multi-vitamin, etc. That's how I roll these daze.


jealous, for being close to paradise

It's still a bit cold here but the rain pounded the flowers all night and this morning their scent carried its way into my room, despite tightly closed windows. My guess is that paradise is where you look for it.


Lots of lost love

Heard a heartbeat this morning. Did a shuffle around the city collecting licenses, yukking it up in a red-eye'd haze. A host of sirens won't stir me but one sweet word is all I need to need.


Wake up, wash your face

A nice thing that happened this morning, besides the fireworks, was that I found a couple phone numbers I was missing. I'll probably never call them but I like to know I have them.


We walk down the street

I remember walking down the street with my first girlfriend- she was a goth with burgundy hair and I was a punk, or so I thought. She said, "Can I kiss your best friend tonight?" "Sure," I replied. What else could I say? Inside I was very upset, partly because she didn't have any friends that I wanted to kiss.

Last I heard she was working at a cinema and became a devout catholic.


Outdoor guitar work

First thing unpacked: espresso machine and supplies
Second thing unpacked: pod xt pro and guitar

espresso and string changing outdoors-- I know luxury!

Alive and well and living in Ohio

After numerous thunderstorms, power outtages, and tornado sirens, I can now sit in the back garden with the creatures and contemplate opening all those boxes.