Pain Is Now

We go back into the hospital, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow they carve into us, for the seventh time. They bring us back, disoriented and shaking. Without a shadow, we aim our wheelchairs straight into this; pain upon pain upon pain.

But none of this, excruciating and screaming it may be, compares to the emotional pain we felt in another life.

From the ashes, like an eerie silent battlefield,



Anonymous said...

I would love to talk to you. It may turn out to be an interview but first and foremost I would just like to talk to you. I sent you a friend request on facebook.

Thank you for helping me through dark times David.


Jen said...

Are you OK, David? xxx

P A J O said...

Thanks for the kind words. I don't really use FB much and I've reached my friends limit. Hit me up on Instagram!

P A J O said...

I'm doing better now, thanks! Pain comes and goes but it's never permanent. In the long run, pain is unimportant. It's just when it's in the present moment, then it's everything. Physical pain, however, no matter how excruciating it is, has never been as bad as emotional pain- not even close.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Dave. Take care, get better, and make some more amazing music please!

Just Humans Being said...

Hi David,
Hope you are ok, This is the first time I have written to you and I wanted to say how much your music means to my wife and I. On holiday from the UK to NYC some years ago, we were driving over the Washington Bridge and the radio was playing a track from "Shark Cage" It was one of those moments when we said "Who IS this?" So amazing was the track that we headed down to a record store in lower Manhattan and bought it immediately I've only ever done that before and that was in '77 for Motorheads 12" Motorhead single. We play the album regularly and love it so much. We have played it for so many friends including a great Uk musician called Stuart O'Connor who loves Arundel so much that he simply HAD to visit Arundel castle. Looking forward to your new album. Come and visit us in Cornwall:Vegan Coastal Retreat on AirBnB. Take Care and never stop playing. Simon and kay xx